About OEM

Wai Hong Shoe Industry, after amassing years of experience in shoemaking technology, began to set up an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) production line some years ago to undertake local as well as overseas orders for men’s shoes.
Our domestic OEM labels include big names such as Camel Active, Bonia, Bata, Crocodile, GoodArch, Kickers, Lois, Edwin etc. For overseas OEM, our orders come from Germany, the Middle East, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Mauritius…and the list goes on.
Equipped with the most comprehensive technology and facilities to manufacture men’s shoes, Wai Hong Shoe Industry is more than capable in its OEM undertakings. We are the strategic partner to our OEM customers, providing a one-stop solution from designing, choice of material all the way to finished product.


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